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Game designed for Augmented Reality

This game is an academic project made by 5 people in two weeks. I was the game designer/gameplay programmer on this project. This game is made for Magic Leap and made with Unity.


Back To The Sky:

Ziheng Xiao: Game Designer/Gameplay Programmer.

Shivasankar Kannan: Programmer/Producer.

Sitong Chen: Artist.

Hyo Eun Kim: Artist.

Kuan Chen: Sound Designer.



  • Designed the catching mechanism, catching stars only when they bounce up.

  • Designed each constellation level and build the scene.

  • Wrote C# code for stars bouncing, catching stars and put them back to the constellations, and load the next constellation when the current one is done.

  • Collaborated with the other four team members during the project by divide work clearly and help each other resolve their problems.

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The stars will bounce up, and the players have to catch them using the Net. Putting the stars into the corresponding points in the constellation is the goal. If the players catches the star with color already filled in, they can put it into the magic portal at the center of the floating island.


After the first constellation is done, the game enters the second phase, which involves more constellation points, and more colors. So the game becomes harder since you have to more concentrate on the catching action, and also pay more attention to the black hole, because the black hole will go faster.

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The final level is the hardest level, the players will have so many stars which makes the catching distracting. And the black hole goes super fast so you have to make sure that you won't wast so much time on catching a wrong star.


Thank you!

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