Single player RPG

Hi, this is my first indie game, and I create this game by myself. I make this game because I want to explore how to design appropriate puzzles for RPGs which based on storytelling.


R.I.C.A Official Trailer

This game was made by Ziheng Xiao (Seldom Ludious).



  • Designed game mechanisms, puzzles, levels, and build the world by using 2D assets provided by RPG Maker.

  • Made other 2D assets such as game title, UI, and interactive game objects by using Adobe Illustrator.

  • Wrote the script for the game. (including characters dialogues, environment hints, and characters diaries)

  • Made one piece of background music by using Logic Pro X, and implement sound design by using sound effects.

  • Published the game on Steam and received more than 100 positive comments.

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Before I made this game, I already played many puzzle-solving RPGs. Generally, this kind of game is based on a mysterious story with triggers in the world for players to explore. Usually, people are more expecting a touching story when they jump into the game.

When I design this game, I want to try a different method. Instead of highly address on storytelling, I would like to emphasize on playable contents, such as interesting puzzles and levels. Because of the technical limitations of RPG Maker, the interactions are simple, so it's challenging to make different types of puzzles. Thus normally for this type of game, puzzles are always designed to find something and figure out where to use it. 

In my game, solving puzzles are different. You know the hints, and you know where are the puzzles, but you have to think about how to solve them.


For example, at this stage, players are required to place golden crosses on the upper row by figure out the patterns on the lower row.


For this part of the game, players are required to play a melody on the black piano according to the hint given by the other one.


Placing objects in different orders will also trigger different events. And this kind of puzzles is emphasizing on strategies, not simply find the right places to use certain items.



According to Steam data, it shows that over 90% of the player agree this game is interesting. And I learned several things during the design process.

I did the storytelling in a reversing way. For example, the game will tell you the destiny of every girl who entered this castle before, and players will collecting information like newspapers, diaries to get the sense of what's going on. When they reach the final destination, they will have their own story in their minds.

The variety of puzzles can keep player engaging the process, their minds are focusing on how to solve puzzles which maintain the interest curve, and they will have different interpretation about the story in different game stages. So players will engage in the process of puzzle-solving and also enjoy the story, which makes the whole experience fruitful.