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Multiplayer Live Game

This live game is designed for a group of around 40 people playing in a large room. Each player will have an initial player status card to represent their status. This game requires executors to lead the game process.


The design process is my individual work.



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Game Length:
Five rounds: 1st round 12 min, 2nd round 11min, 3rd round 10 min, 4th round 9min, final round 8 min.
There will be a checkpoint between each round.
Total: 1 hour – 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Number of Players:
Four people form a group. More than five groups, less than ten groups

Number of NPCs:
1 Primary Executor: Chief of the Tribe, responsible for the whole process, introducing the background story of the game, game rules, and hosting the game.
4 Stage Executer: Guardians of the Island, responsible for four different stages, giving away four different kinds of material for smelting the metal.
2 Center Stage Executer: Furnace, responsible for collecting materials from players, recording smelting time, and giving away the special metal.
1 Extra Executer: Backpack seller, joining the game at round 2, providing an extra stage that allows players to upgrade their backpack, which enables them to carry more metal or material. 
1 Police: Punishing player who breaks the rules. 

How to play:
Every player will have three health points if health points reduced to 0, then he or she will not be able to continue playing.
Each player has to obtain one special metal at the end of each round, if players don't meet this requirement, then one health point will be reduced. 
There is no way to add back health points, so the only way to survive is keeping health points more than 0.
Each player will have a backpack by default that allows him or her to carry 1 item, which can be either one material or one special metal.
Method of gathering material: There are four stages in the playing area. Each stage provides a unique mini-game that allows players to play, and players will get rewards of a specific material after they succeed in that stage. Players have to line up in front of each stage, and cutting the line is not allowed in the whole process.
​Method of smelting the metal: There is a furnace in the middle of the playing area. Players have to provide four different kinds of material at the same time into the stove, then the smelting process begins. This process takes 2 minutes to complete. Once done, players have to collect the metal in 1 minute, otherwise, the metal will oxidize and lose its value. Players have to line up in front of the furnace to either starting the smelting process or collecting finished metal. Only one metal can be taken at one time.

Game Procedure
Players are wealthy and celebrities trapped in this aboriginal island, the only way to survive is to help the tribe to smelt that special metal. Players can only gather materials and collect finished metal in each round, and they are not able to get any reward when time runs out.

1st round (12 min): 
This round is more like a tutorial. It allows players to get familiar with each stage, with game rules. When the time is up, each player has to check with an NPC to see whether he or she has one special metal. Otherwise, one health point will be reduced.

2nd round (11 min):
A new feature is added, the Chief will announce that there will be a backpack seller on this island that allows players to upgrade their backpack. Players can exchange for an extra backpack with a certain amount of finished metal. The first additional backpack worth one metal, and the second additional backpack worth two metal, and the third additional backpack worth four metal. In this round, players can only have one additional backpack.

3rd round (10 min):
In this round, players can only have 1 or 2 additional backpacks. The Chief will announce that a player is allowed to stand in front of the playing area and addresses a speech. ​He or she can potentially be the leader of all the players.

4th round and 5th round (9 min and 8 min):
In these two rounds, the game will become harder and harder. Players are allowed to carry three additional backpacks. They still have chances to come up with a new leader.

Main Experience:
Competition and Corporation, Time management, Leadership.


Gathering, Crafting.