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I made this level in the style of Uncharted. Mainly focusing on import gameplay mechanics into level design, also trying to apply narrative on to object placement.



This level is designed to match the style of Uncharted. I blend all the player mechanisms in the game such as jumping, climbing, sliding, and swinging into this level. I also block out a combat area and arrange some enemies at the end of the level. So the whole experience would be the main character tries to find the treasure inside ruins. He has to go through mountains and rocks and sneak into the fortress at the very top of the mountain.



I decide to go with the castle ruins because I found those pictures and they are really cool. And Uncharted is about finding treasures inside those old structures, so I think they should work really well.

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In every Uncharted level, the player can always see the final destination at the very beginning of the level. So here, I did the same design, but I also block the majority part of the ruins. Because there will be no surprise for the player.


The blue circle is an indication of an enterable place, and the player can see it. Then the player will try to figure out how to go there.


Here I have a bunch of different mechanisms here, like climbing, swinging. Also in Uncharted, players constantly have to find out where to go next, because sometimes they make the next climbing point disconnect from previous points. In my level, I also did that.


Moveable crates always show up in the game, so I made one here.


Here I made a slider, players have to slide down and hook up and swing to catch climbing points on the cliff.


Enemies not only serve the purpose of combat but also serve the purpose of blocking the area.